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Welcome to MintDNS

 MintDNS is a fully featured Dynamic DNS server suite that allows you to run your own enterprise level DDNS Service.  Our company has provided Dynamic DNS solutions for more than 15 years, and MintDNS is our most popular product. It is a robust, scaleable and feature rich product.

 If you are interested in custom development, you'll be happy to know that MintDNS is almost completely open sourced allowing you to easily expand on the existing system to meet any special needs your company may have. The advantage of having an established, time tested platform to build on could save weeks if not months of development time.

 MintDNS is the engine behind many popular DDNS Services. If you have ever owned an, Apexis, Q-SEE or Nightowl security device and you configured it's included Dynamic DNS. Then you have most likely used MintDNS.

  Supporting both Dynamic and Static DNS MintDNS also supports several standard update protocols which enables support for many existing third party IP update clients and many hardware firmware clients (Any dyndns.org compatible device). This allows you to provide time tested DDNS Services to most internet connected computers, routers, firewalls or even remote cameras.

MintDNS is completely template based, so the look and feel of your DNS service can easily be changed to match your existing website or modified to suit your specific needs.


MintDNS Enterprise

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MintDNS has been awarded many of the industry's top awards and is the most robust Dynamic DNS Server suite on the market. Download a copy today, and setup your own DDNS service in minutes.

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Robust and Scalable

With our unique system you will be able to run your own enterprise level DDNS service and give your users or devices the ability to create and manage unlimited DNS records. You will also be able to offer the internet community Dynamic VPN gateway services and the ability to do just about anything a person with a static IP address could do with his or her computer.

MintDNS makes use of an extremely efficient SQL database and its C++ COM components use a Semaphore threading setup that blows all other applications of it's kind out of the water. The only real limits are the amount of server resources you dedicate to your DDNS service.

Fully NLB/Cluster compatible. MintDNS features automated DNS and database failover. With load balanced servers and a replicated SQL configuration MintDNS becomes an "add server" solution ("Outgrown your setup? Just add another server"). The sky is truly the limit!

You can control all aspects of your distributed system instantly with a click of the mouse, regardless of how many users are registered with your service. MintDNS behaves the same if you are hosting a thousand users or 10's of thousands.

Does your organization require support for a proprietary firmware client? You will be happy to know that support, for just about any device, can be added by our team in 10-15 minutes time. With our advanced ISAPI no changes are required within the client application itself.

 In the past, the only way to run your own DDNS service was to write your own server and client applications. That time has passed, and it has never been easier or faster to setup and operate a reliable, trusted Dynamic DNS server.

What is Dynamic DNS?

 Dynamic DNS servers provide client computers with static DNS names, even if their IP address is dynamically assigned.

 Dynamic DNS circumvents most needs for static IP addresses. This is very useful since almost all IP addresses are dynamically assigned. Simply put, there's only so many numbers out there, at least as far as the computer is concerned. (Basically, each of the four parts in the address can only be between 0 and 255.)

 Old design decisions limit the theoretical number of IP addresses even more, and until IPv6 hits the mainstream, the current shortage of IP addresses will only worsen. What does this mean, you may ask, and how does it impact me?

 Well, not everyone can have their own static or dedicated IP address. Some Internet Service Providers might let you have a dedicated IP, but they'll likely charge you extra for it. An average cost for a static IP address is over $99.00 a month.

 Think of the phone system. When you dial a number, it rings at a particular location because there is a central numbering plan that ensures that each telephone number is unique. The world IP address schema and DNS work in a similar way. If telephone numbers, IP addresses and domain names were not globally unique, phone calls or e-mail intended for one person might go to someone else with the same IP or domain name. Without uniqueness, both systems would be unpredictable and therefore unreliable.

 Having a dynamically assigned IP address is like having to change your phone number twice a day. If other people need to connect to your computer, they would have no way of knowing your current number. "Imagine if the phone company changed your number twice a day. People would have a very hard time calling you". Dynamic DNS (DDNS) works much like an old style phone operator, directing internet users to the appropriate internet server, despite the fact that the server's IP address is continually changing or dynamic.

 If a business or home user needs to run software such as Web Servers, FTP Servers, Game Servers, Email Servers, online video conferencing, voice conferencing, or if they need to allow access to their networks for things like connecting to computer systems through remote access, enabling VPN's between branches, keeping track of branch office print servers, then they would require either a static dedicated IP address or DDNS.

 IP cameras are particularly reliant on Dynamic DNS. If you have ever owned or know anyone who owns an IP security camera or DVR, I would bet you are more than familiar with Dynamic DNS and its benefits. 

 Since the early 1990's Dynamic DNS services have existed. ml.org and dyndns.org were among the first. And by the time dyndns.org, the current Dynamic DNS leader, came to be, there were 20 or so Dynamic DNS services in existence world-wide.

  Today the number of DDNS services is still relatively low, in the hundreds I believe. DDNS has proven itself in today's market time and time again and has catered to the multitudes who have traded their Static IP's for dynamic domain names.

  If you live in a relatively large town, there are likely millions spent each year by local businesses that require static IP addresses. Most do not know about the availablility of Dynamic DNS services, and many would be happy to know that there is a qualified alternative to the thousands of dollars they spend each year for static or persistent IP addresses.

For more information about Dynamic DNS on Wikipedia, click here.

  With the Dynamic nature of the worlds current IP address schema, users cannot readily access web and other services, if the server's IP address is always changing. Furthermore, IP addresses are difficult to remember. DDNS has gracefully addressed many of the problems associated with dynamic IP addresses.

"With our software you can operate your own Dynamic DNS service. You set the prices! You choose the market!"

If you are interested in operating your own dyndns server, please take a test drive and download our fully featured DDNS server suite. Free for non commercial use.

 Our products have proven, for many, to be the simplest way to tap into the ever expanding DDNS services market and is the only pre built package available for Windows 2000,  2003 and 2008 server.

Laymen's terms:  I will do my best to describe in "layman's terms" DDNS and what it provides internet users world-wide.

 Let's begin with a simple scenario. Jack, our fictitious computer user, has recently decided to build a web site for his online business activities. Jack has contacted many web hosting providers trying to find the best price, but finds that to implement his planned web site will require many features that are very costly (far beyond Jack's budget). Jack decides to contact his local Broadband provider, thinking that he can host his web site at home and have all the features he could ever want.

 He is paying for internet anyway right? However, Jack finds that the broadband provider also wants a lot of money, even more than the web hosting providers, for the static dedicated IP address which is crucial to host his web site in-house.

 At this point, you would think Jack is out of options, but he is not. In fact, Jack is about to save hundreds, in some cases, a thousand or more a year by using a Dynamic DNS Service.

 Let's peer into the future here a bit and imagine that you have already purchased MintDNS and are yourself providing the Dynamic DNS Service that Jack will use. ("A DDNS Service offers anyone in the world, regardless of how they connect to the internet, the ability to have a Domain Name, a .com, mapped to their IP address at any given time despite the dynamic nature of most ISP assigned addresses.")

 Jack has found your website and has quickly realized that you have the answers to all his needs, for a fraction of the cost. Jack then downloads and configures your provided client software and instantly turns his home computer into an internet server.
 With our software application suite, your future customers will find there is often no need to pay the expensive fees associated with running their own internet server. They can conduct business, host a personal website, or just host their own email server. By using your service, your customer's home computer can instantly become an Internet Server. The possibilities of Dynamic DNS are truly unlimited..

The DDNS Market.

 With the explosion of the broadband market, small and large businesses all over the world have traded in their expensive internet access lines for inexpensive Cable and DSL connections. Everyone is looking for ways to cut corners. For those requiring static IP addressing, the costs can still be upwards of $99.00 a month. Most businesses do not realize that there is a reliable, less expensive alternative -DDNS-.

With MintDNS you can offer an alternative to ISP-provided static IP addresses. Best of all, you can set the prices!

You could offer the dynamic dns management service free of charge or charge any fee that you wish. Your service will be independent of any other DDNS Service, in existence, world-wide.

Pause for a moment and consider the need of static IP addresses. People need static IP addresses in order to allow employees, software support personnel, and other branch offices access to their computer network. They need static IP addresses for any type of internet service that will be hosted in-house. There are too many reasons why a person or company may require a static IP address to list on this single page!

In my experience, most dentist offices are paying for static IP addresses, as are the large majority of clinics, medium to large medical offices, construction companies, lawyers offices, and countless other small and large businesses. Most companies I have serviced, consider Dynamic DNS much more appealing for its simplicity, and for the fact that a domain name is easier to remember and share than an IP address. Not to mention they are saving over $1,200 a year.

(A Domain Name for Your PC, Use your Broadband Connection to its full potential, Discover the power of Dynamic DNS) These slogans have been some of the most viewed on the internet and for good reason.

 With the broadband explosion, it has never been easier or more affordable to run your own internet server. Either for fun or profit, users all over the world have opted to move all there internet based services in-house.

& The restrictions and extra fees some internet service providers place on users who require a static IP address, had sometimes made it difficult, even impossible, for them. That is, until the they realized the potential of Dynamic DNS (DDNS).

 It is no coincidence that many of our customers are IP Camera manufacturers. When given the security sector's record growth, many IP camera and DVR manufacturers are seeking services to effectively and reliably circumvent the need for static or dedicated IP addresses, and at the same time keep these services securely hosted in-house.

&  Until about 9 years ago, there was no easy way to get in on the DDNS market. About the only way a person could operate a Dynamic DNS service was to hire a competent programmer and shell out thousands of dollars to have all of the server and client programs written from scratch. Then they would cross their fingers and pray that the solution was robust enough to handle an ever growing user base.

That is not the case anymore thanks to MintDNS, the first Dynamic DNS server suite for Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 server.

In the entire history of the internet, it has never been easier than it is today to run your own fully featured Dynamic DNS server.

 Start you own DDNS service Today! Just download our fully featured Dynamic DNS server suite. Free for 15 days.

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